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The Business of Football

by Rohin on 8 Jun 2018

The quadrennial spectacle that is the FIFA World Cup is nearly upon us. Whilst what is done on the pitch will be the focus of attention, the work of many people has gone into staging one of the world’s biggest events.

As ever leaders will show themselves on and off the pitch, whilst the pressure cooker will get too much for some of those assumed to be the most talented in the world.

From a leadership and management perspective, at Think Smart we have been developing longer form case studies to help give an insight into the complexities of situations faced by business leaders across the world.

Just as pulling off an underperforming star player at half-time can be a risky decision based on gut instinct, many important decisions in the business world are not black or white. Decisions often have to be made under great uncertainty.

We have developed three new cases based on a turnaround of the world’s largest asset manager, the scaling of a national youth programme and the launch of an app for one of the world’s premier member clubs. Our cases also go beyond the standard business school case study: for example, we have developed one where you must see things through the eyes of an executive tasked with leading a technical team. For all those aspiring start-up founders, it’s good to see things from a different perspective!

You can try them all out on our leadership case study explorer site!