Think Smart for Businesses

Think Smart creates problem-solving quizzes based on in-depth interviews with professionals in all kinds of industries. We work with businesses to help attract, train and retain a talented and motivated workforce.

Create a custom recruitment mini-site with us

We can create tailored, industry-specific versions of our product for you.
  • Reach further: Distribute your custom Think Smart mini-site to campuses and careers fairs across the country, without the need for in-person marketing. Reach a broader and more diverse talent pool.
  • Generate excitement: Inspire potential employees with an interactive preview of what it’s like to work for you.
  • Improve retention: Think Smart encourages applicants to reflect on which careers would really suit them. Put Think Smart high up in your recruitment funnel to help candidates find which of your roles would be right for them.
We helped 2020 Delivery with their 2017 graduate recruitment campaign with a mini-site that explored a day in the life as a public sector consultant.
Think Smart is an innovative tool which allows us to reach out to more people during our graduate and internship recruitment process. Using ThinkSmart has given students a unique insight into the role they’re applying for and the type of work we do.
- 2020 Delivery (public sector consultancy)

Advertise your opportunities on our platform

The Think Smart library is a career discovery tool for students and young people. They explore different career options and get our skill-based recommendations to home in on the best job for them.

Be there when they discover their path, and become their next step.

Users who discover a new career path are are directed to relevant vacancies, apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

We provide tools for HR and Learning and Development departments to enable them to be more effective.

Empower your employees: You want to keep your team fulfilled and challenged, and that means building a career path that works for them within your organisation. Think Smart can help your employees discover that path.

Create tailored learning journeys: We can provide rich, cross-functional assessments to identify an employee’s skills and preferences. By cross-referencing these skills to your learning and development resources, we can create individual recommendations for each employee and redirect them to relevant learning opportunities.

Nurture leadership potential: The transition to a management role requires support and training as early as possible. Using Think Smart leadership scenarios you can start preparing your high-fliers with decision-making and problem-solving exercises that accurately portray the challenges they'll face as managers.


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