Think Smart for Educational Institutions

Think Smart creates problem-solving quizzes based on in-depth interviews with professionals in all kinds of industries. We work with educational institutions to help students choose the right courses and find their path into the world of work.

Our tools will make your admissions and careers departments more effective.

We can offer relevant career content for every sort of institution
Our experience was fantastic and we really enjoyed working with Think Smart.
- INSEAD (business school)

Attract the best students: Use Think Smart to show prospective students the range of careers your courses can help them access.

Empower career conversations: Your careers department can use Think Smart to help identify students’ passions and strengths and facilitate meaningful, individualised guidance.

License our library: Give your students access to the most relevant parts of our careers library.

Partner with us to generate custom content: If you want your students to explore specialised career paths then we can work with you and develop perfectly tailored content.


We have a range of pricing options to suit any sized institution. Request a demo