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Staying Ahead of Automation

by Rohin on 24 Apr 2018

There is nothing like consistently getting a set of problems wrong. That is what happened to me when I talked to a bricklayer with over 35 years experience about what it’s like to be involved in a complex project on a building site. He described the challenges he faces on a daily basis and invited me to propose what I would do in his shoes. I got it wrong every time.

I realised that I simply hadn't understood what the priorities are on a construction site. Through our conversation I learned that the  adherence to health and safety and recognised procedures is absolutely primary. Clear communication with those running the project as well as your boss is one of the most important skills needed as there is so much potential for injury and damage on large construction projects.

With the future of work being one of today’s primary policy concerns, it is interesting talking to those in industries such as construction and warehouse management about how they feel about ‘the rise of the machines’. Whilst many think automation has only helped them so far, they also appreciate that today’s generation may well face the threat of jobs being removed instead of being made easier by machines.

This is why it has been particularly interesting for us to learn about Amazon Career Choice this week. A programme started by the tech behemoth which is aimed at helping its staff to upskill/re-skill regardless of whether they stay within the firm or not. They can take courses that help them gain skills in growing career areas such as transportation, healthcare and computing. Showing people that they have transferable skills and interests and helping them not to think in silos is a core aim for us at Think Smart.