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Creating a Content Kingdom

by Rohin on 14 Dec 2017

“I got a job designing a flying computer game. I hate flying. But I conquered that fear and I ended up getting my pilot’s license. That’s how you design a realistic game.”

When you talk to people about their jobs you learn all sorts of surprising things. Video game designers train in the skills their customers will simulate. Midwives inform the women in their care about their options, but never tell them what to do. Hotel food managers think very carefully about where to put the eggs and bacon in the buffet line. And independent plumbers turn down way more jobs than they accept.

At Think Smart, we talk to people about the problems they solve over the course of their workdays. We use this to create problem-solving scenarios that students and employees can complete to better understand different roles and the skills needed.

As users work their way through a set of problems, they get an inside look at what it’s really like to do that job. And - from a student perspective -  that’s where the social mobility part of our mission comes in. Students from less advantaged backgrounds can experience a real day in the life of a journalist or a lawyer, even if they’ve never met one before.

By the end, they have a custom analysis of their skills and strengths, and a better idea of what they might do in the future. We’re already working with further education colleges and an international university to create content tailored to their curricula.

Our tool works well for recruitment and learning and development, too. Businesses ranging from 20-30 employees to multinational organisations are working with us in the hope of attracting a more diverse applicant pool and providing greater insights to existing employees.

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